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SEO on Joomla websites

When you have a website, especially a commercial one, you would like to get as much traffic as you can.  More traffic will increase your chances of earning money or getting more followers to your site.  Another way that you can benefit from having a well-visited site is you can have advertisers post ads on your site, which can supplement your cash flow.Online commerce is growing in importance and significance by the day and you should take advantage of this by building a good website or employing effective web marketing techniques.

One of the things that you can do to increase traffic to your site is to get a lot of back links.  Back links are links to your site that are found in other Websites.  Not only will back links add traffic to your site, but they can also improve your search rankings.  To do this, you first search for online sites that complement your business or show content that are similar to the ones found in your site.  Contact these sites and ask them if they can post your link in their site in exchange for you posting their links in yours.  When searching for probable partners, it is advisable that you go for reputable and established companies.

Another way to increase visitors to your site is to become a paid advertiser on Google.  As an advertiser on Google, your company would be placed in priority spots during searches.  Whenever a search that is related to your company is initiated, your site would be placed on the sponsored link section of Google.  This section is normally located on the top half of a search page giving you good visibility and recognition.  To do this, you go to Google Adwords and apply as an advertiser.  Fees will typically depend on location and country but are generally very reasonable.

Contributing to blogs and forums is another sure fire way to drive traffic to your Website.  Choose blogs and forums that are popular and that have a good following.  Your posts should be something of substance that people can learn or derive benefit from.   Posting only links can cause you to be banned in social media sites.  Contribute helpful and educational posts regularly so that you will be able to establish a good reputation among readers.

Another technique that you can do to get more people to visit your website is to contribute articles in article directories.  Article directories allow individuals and groups to post articles on the Web that can be freely accessed by the public.  Visitors can choose to publish these articles on their sites provided that the information and the links included in them remain intact. Article directories benefit authors and content users alike.  Authors get to advertise their company and links for free while content users are able to get free articles posted on their site.

Examples of good article directories that you can send articles to are,,,, and  If you would like to get your articles submitted to dozens of article directories in no time you can get the services of article submission companies such as,, and  These firms can quickly make unique articles for you and then submit them all at one time to hundreds of article directories.

Creating interesting, fun and educational YouTube videos is another way to increase site views.  YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the Web and can be an effective platform to advertise your company. You can place your link in the description of your video or have it flash on the screen while it plays.  When creating videos, it is advisable that you make one that talks about topics that are timely and relevant.

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