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Popular Joomla tricks and tips

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS currently being used. There are many reasons why it’s so popular. Some of these reasons people love using it is because it’s easy to use, it can be hosted on a shared account, and it’s free and really simple to understand even for people with limited computer knowledge. Listed below is some useful Joomla advice for your website.

Hosting with a Joomla site

Because Joomla is a light CMS, Joomla users will be able to get a shared hosting account. Other options available include dedicated hosting, business web hosting and virtual private server. The most commonly used one is shared hosting but Joomla users should select the hosting that best fulfills their needs.

Select a high-quality template

Try to stand out from your competitors by purchasing a professional looking template. Joomla is a free program so you’ll be able to splurge on an excellent template.

Correctly structure your articles

Keep in mind that Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 require different structures. For Joomla 1.5 you must make a section and a top level menu bar, afterwards you’ll need to make a sub menu. While for Joomla 1.6 you’ll need to use nested categories. You won’t be using categories or subcategories; instead you’ll be able to nest them as elaborately as you want.

Track the traffic coming to your website

In order to accurately track the amount of traffic coming to your website, you  need to add JavaScript snippet to your website. Use a trusted software program like Google Analytics to get the JavaScript Tracking Code. Read How to add Google Analytics on your website? for details. If you aren’t getting enough traffic then you should employ SEO techniques to increase the amount of traffic going to your website.

Be sure to use SEO techniques

Search Engine Optimization will be crucial to your websites success. Make sure to either learn the techniques to help your site reach page one on Google and other major search engines, or hire a company that can assist you. The more traffic that your website receives, the more revenue your website and business will generate.

Learn basic Joomla terms

Learn what articles, modules and components are. For instance, every page on your webpage is called an article. When you decide to create a new page you are therefore creating a new article. Modules can be text or pictures, they can be moved around and placed at different parts on your website. The actual definition of a module is an extra program that users can install to their Joomla that will affect the website. A component is a program that will enhance the functionality of a webpage.

Make some parts of your site exclusive

Some sites don’t want every page public; they want their viewers to pay for to access to certain pages. Use special coding to change the access level of specific pages.

Don’t get to crazy with your site

If you install too many addons, components and an intricate template then you might affect the loading time of your website. No one likes website that take forever to load, not your friends and especially not Google. Google punishes websites that take a considerable amount of time to load up.

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