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JTAG RSS Feed Reader

Joomla RSS feed extension - JTAG RSS Feed Reader, lets you display all the feeds from your favorite websites ! Features such as subscribing to unlimited RSS feeds, filtering the feeds to display only the articles you are interested in, etc.
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Joomla Compatibility-1.x, 2.x, 3.6.5

Last Updated On- 21 Nov 2017

JTAG RSS Feed Reader is the perfect tool to display all your feeds from your favorite websites on your Joomla Page.

Add any number of RSS subscription !



1. Add as many subscription you like

2. Filter your feeds (include) by adding a keyword

3. Two Layouts available

* Default - Displays the image and description

* Compact - Displays the Title only

4. Resize the feed images directly from backend !

5. Restrict the feed description through  wordlimit

6. Restrict the number of feeds to be retrived

7. Gets the feed title, feed description, date and time and also the favicon !

8. Add heading and footer tag to you feed reader

9.Filtering based on Exclude keyword.

10. Added Share on Facebook link

10. Share on Twitter link

Specifications Compatible with the Joomla Versions : 1.x, 2.x, 3.6.5