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JTAG Light Box

JTAG Light Box is a stylish content lightbox extension. It comes with lots of transitions for displaying content [ pictures, video, in line content]. Its easy-to-use admin control panel makes adding content a breeze.
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Joomla Compatibility-  1.x, 2.x, 3.6.5

JTAG Light Box is a stylish content popup extension that lets you display content in beautiful popups. It supports multimedia content too.  


  • New: Stream Photos from flickr with our new flickr integration
  • Ability to show pictures, videos, in line content in a stylish Pop up Light Box

  • Light Box or slider auto re-sizes to fit pictures sizes

  • 8 different transitions [ accordion , dots and transparent arrows ] including a social sharing transition with facebook/twitter share widgets

  • Display pictures, video , text or products in our easy to customize light box

  • Easy -to-use admin panel

  • Auto generate thumbnails from pictures or videos

  • Ability to auto-play picture gallery

  • Keyboard short-cut navigation through Picture gallery

  • Mouse wheel navigation through picture gallery

Specifications Compatible with the Joomla Versions : 1.x, 2.x, 3.6.5