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JTAG LegalPages

If you have been struggling so far to put together your professional legal policy pages, JTag LegalPages is the ultimate solution. JTag LegalPages comes with 24 Pre-built Legal Templates - Privacy Policy, TOS , Affiliate Disclaimers and more. Fully Responsive
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Joomla Compatibility- 1.x, 2.x, 3.8.3

Last Updated On- 08 Jan 2018

Fully Responsive

Without proper policy pages put up on your website

Google will not approve your AdSense account
Clickbank will not let you advertise
Facebook will ban your App
No affiliate will allow you to sign up

If you have been struggling so far to put together your professional legal policy pages, JTagLegalPages is THE solution for you.

JTag LegalPages comes with 24 Pre-built Legal Templates that has your site covered in minutes. You can directly choose from any of these legal page templates or mash up any of the existing templates to make what you want.

24 Ready-To-Use Legal Policy Pages

  1. Terms of use
  2. Linking policy template
  3. External links policy template
  4. Terms and conditions template
  5. Refund policy template
  6. Affiliate disclosure template
  7. Privacy Policy template
  8. Affiliate agreement template
  9. FB privacy policy template
  10. Earnings Disclaimer template
  11. Antispam template
  12. Double dart cookie template
  13. Disclaimer template
  14. FTC statement template
  15. Medical disclaimer template
  16. Testimonials disclosure template
  17. Amazon affiliate template
  18. Privacy Rights (California Law)
  19. DMCA Policy
  20. COPPA - Children’s Online Privacy Policy
  21. Digital Goods Refund Policy
  22. Blog Comments Policy
  23. Newsletter Subscription and Disclaimer
  24. Linking Policy

Easy To Install

JtagLegalPages is super easy to install. Just upload the zip file, fill in your business information (will be automatically inserted into these pre-built templates) and then choose your templates , choose the menu item, save it and you have your legal pages up and running in no time !

Easy To Edit

The pages that you create with these templates are fully compatible with Joomla menus.They show up in your menu listings and are just as easy to edit and make changes too. So you have full WYSIWYG editors and tiny MCE options just like with any other page !


Specifications Compatible with the Joomla Versions : 1.x, 2.x, 3.6.5