Moderating comments

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Written by Monday, 12 January 2015 10:36;
Published in JTAG Calendar;

Comments can be added by users in the JTAG Calendar’s list view. The creator of an event sets if comments are allowed or not. From the calendars options, the Auto-approval of Comments can be set, allowing 3 options: All comments, Only for users with event publish permissions or Never.

To moderate comments:

  1. Go to the Joomla admin and click on the menu option Components. In the menu bar, rollover your mouse to the JTAG Calendar option
  2. Click on the ‘Comments’ tab
  3. Find the comment you’d like to moderate
  4. Select its check box
  5. You can approve the comment if needed and you want it to appear in the front-end or delete it
  6. Confirm your action
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