JTag Members Directory Version 3.11.11 Released Featured

We are so excited to announce a new (updated) version of JTag Members Directory.

 JTag Members Directory 3.11.11



What's new inside JTag Members Directory 3.11.11



  • Improved Button Styling

  • Responsive CSS

  • Search Dropdown Alignment

  • Clean and Classic Profile Layout

  • Mobile Responsive Profile Picture




Here are some awesome features of JTag Member Directory.


  • Display members in List View, Tabular View, Simple Animation View and Amazing Collage View

  • Specify a category and configure the order of display for each member

  • Use multiple languages - English, French, Spanish, German and more

  • Upgrade without un-installing and retain all your existing data


You can purchase the JTag Member Directory, or If you already have a JTAG Club Developer Membership, you can simply login and download this latest update of JTag Member Directory. 


We hope you will enjoy the new version of this amazing Joomla Extension. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion, please add them below or raise a query at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.