5 Google Analytics Tips and tricks


Before spearing ahead with the Google Analytics tips and tricks, let me ask you a question first. What was your aim for creating your personal website? Be it a small startup website, an auction page or even a simple blog, the main driving force behind website creation is generating revenue or attaining popularity.

Google Analytics consists of a number of helpful tools that would help you derive an honest feedback about your website via valuable statistics. Out of these tools, we would be focusing on 5 of them which would help you track not only what made your visitors check out your website.


1. Referrals through backlinks

All website owners and bloggers use this technique to gather or focus traffic towards their website.

Using referral feature of Google Analytics, you can successfully track down all the places where you have planted the link for your website, and how much traffic you are able to amass from that very source.

In case your website's link was used or shared by some other individual on any other platform, using this very feature, you can track him and thank him for sharing your site's content. Thus instilling trust and also encouraging the growth of your fan base. You can avail this information by clicking on Audience > Behavior > Engagement while on the Analytics page.

2. Examining visitor activities

The basic use of a website is to provide good service to their audience irrespective of its type. Every individual visits a website to be benefitted by its services or attain information they are seeking. So you need to find out whether you are able to provide them with the appropriate information. By taking into account the visitor activity, you can find out not only the number of visitors who are visiting your website, but also the amount of time they are spending on it.

Using this feature of Google Analytics, you can also trace the bounce rate and the exit percentage which clearly states whether your website content is gripping enough to persuade your visitors to browse through other pages of your website as well. This feature can be available in the Content > Site Content > Content Drilldown portion of the Analytics page.

3. Audience location

Thanks to the World Wide Web, your business website or blog is not restricted by the geographical boundaries. Netizens around the globe can visit your website at any point of time.

If you own a blog, majority of your revenue are dependent on the various Ads. Attaining knowledge of audience location can help you increase your revenue as well as traffic if you start posting focusing on these regions. This information can be availed at, Audience > Demographics > Location.

 4. Checking browser compatibility

Now that you have taken care of your website and made sure that it looks stunning and packed with good content, you need to make sure that this precious website material is displayed properly on all major web browsers.

Google Analytics can prove to be extremely worthy in these fronts and provide you statistics regarding the web browsers, their versions, operating system used screen resolution adopted by your viewers. This information can be a great parameter to check whether you website is completely compatible and doesn't create any device or OS specific errors. You can view this statistics at Audience > Technology > Browser & OS.

 5. Popular keywords

When it comes to web marketing, SEO is a pretty serious topic. It single-handedly decides the amount of visibility your website would attain and whether or not it is enough to grab the pristine limelight.  Using Google Analytics you can find out which keyword is helping you get the most traffic and which pages your audience visits the most based on keyword, thus helping you website rank better in various Search engines.

You can utilize this information by visiting Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic on the Google analytics page.

            In a nutshell, Google Analytics is full of tricks that can not only help you polish your existing website by gathering vital statistical data from your global audience, it also provides you a window to track your progress and  traffic data to make gallant moves which will propel your website's popularity and even make them go viral.